Little Sprouts,
Big Flavour

Stop in and taste the abundance.

1. Medi Bowl
Exquisite Food that is All About Microgreen Sprouts

We're all about little sprouts

It’s the crunch. The exquisite flavours. The unbelievable nutrient-density. We’ve curated a menu to showcase the microgreens we grow in-house for all these reasons and more. What does a zero-mile diet look like? When you visit Little Sprout, you’ll see it and you’ll taste it.

We're also all about inclusion

Our space is an open-kitchen concept and our hiring practices are inclusive. That means when you stop by, you can see how our Fraser Valley sourced ingredients are assembled into delightful, freshness-forward dishes by our diversely abled team members. This is a place of inclusion, and it shows.

Lsc Staff Team (july 2022)

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