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The Little Sprout Story

Real inclusion is made possible with the right conditions.

The Little Sprout Cafe Story
Who We Are

Who We Are

We are, above all else, a crew of people who love food—especially fresh, nourishing food featuring locally sourced ingredients. But we’re also a social enterprise launched by Communitas Supportive Care Society, a charity supporting people living with disabilities across British Columbia. That means all the profits we generate are reinvested into helping people of all abilities to thrive. It also means our business is inspired by our larger mission: to make an abundant life accessible to all. We think you can feel it when you step inside our space. Everyone, from the diners to the staff, is living that good life.

How We Hire

Our hiring approach is inclusive. That means we prioritize employees who may not be given a chance in another business, because they need extra support to deliver their best. We are all about giving this support. We want to see all people, of all abilities, living with purpose, pride, and community connection. All it takes is a little extra creativity and care to make this possible. We’ve got plenty!

Why We Do It

Chef Chris

Meet Chris!

Head Chef

Chris comes to us with years of training and experience. He’s owned several restaurants, currently owns Black Radish Catering Company, and is now our head chef. Bringing his gifts to Little Sprout appealed to him for several reasons. 

“The restaurant industry can be a challenge for anyone with a young family,” he says. “Working morning shifts in an innovative café, that allows me to also make a difference in people’s lives is very satisfying.”

Chris loves working with the trainees and staff, teaching new cooking techniques that they’ve not seen before. He also enjoys working for Communitas, the organization that facilitates Little Sprout Café. 

“I like how everyone has the same goal and is working towards it, creating inclusive environments where everyone is valued.” 

Chris says he’s excited to take Little Sprout to the next level, increasing the baking program and expanding the food program as well. Keep watching our menus for new items!

Chris’ favourite menu item: The Shawarma Bowl

Darlene at Little Sprout

Meet Darlene!

Kitchen Staff

Darlene is one of our valued Team Members. She began with Little Sprout last spring. Darlene lives with mental health challenges but she has found that working for an inclusive, supportive employer has had an enormous impact on her mental health. She says her depression feels like it’s disappeared and every day she is more comfortable and confident. Her self-esteem has really increased and she feels like a different person. She credits this experience to a positive work environment.

“We’ve got each other’s back, you never feel like you’re alone,” she says. “We work together to deliver food that’s super fresh and really healthy. It really doesn’t feel like work. It feels like a bunch of people getting together to cook. Happy people make happy food!”

Darlene’s favourite menu item: The Burrata BLT – “Not your average BLT, the burrata is amazing!”

Read Darlene’s full story today!

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