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The Little Sprout Story

Real inclusion is made possible with the right conditions.

The Little Sprout Cafe Story
Who We Are

Who We Are

We are, above all else, a crew of people who love food—especially fresh, nourishing food featuring locally sourced ingredients. But we’re also a social enterprise launched by Communitas Supportive Care Society, a charity supporting people living with disabilities across British Columbia. That means all the profits we generate are reinvested into helping people of all abilities to thrive. It also means our business is inspired by our larger mission: to make an abundant life accessible to all. We think you can feel it when you step inside our space. Everyone, from the diners to the staff, is living that good life.

How We Hire

Our hiring approach is inclusive. That means we prioritize employees who may not be given a chance in another business, because they need extra support to deliver their best. We are all about giving this support. We want to see all people, of all abilities, living with purpose, pride, and community connection. All it takes is a little extra creativity and care to make this possible. We’ve got plenty!

Our Team

Jordan Cropped

Jordan Rempel

Chef Manager

Jordan is a Red Seal chef with 18 years of culinary experience. He is often found putting his green thumb to use growing fresh produce at home and in the café. He loves combining his passion for food and people – creating fresh, beautiful, and flavourful dishes that bring people together.

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